Stories, History and Culture of Indigenous People of BC

The stories of our people is woven together by our history, legends, water, animals, and our land. To understand our stories you must understand the journeys we have taken from generation to generation and how it has shaped our culture today. The interior of British Columbia is beautiful, rugged, and for our people spiritual. We share our stories with pride, laughter, and sometimes with tears but most importantly we share with hope.

Each story we tell is one that points to a brighter tomorrow for our indigenous nations of British Columbia. We strongly feel that by sharing and properly educating our people, our neighbours, and visitors from around the world we are uniting and strengthening all of our Nations in this great province we call British Columbia. Historically we as Indigenous people have always been taught to share our stories, land, animals, our culture. Nothing is ours to keep, it is our job to learn what it means to be indigenous and then share with the rest of the world.

The historical stories of our people are about resilience, and triumph, after many hardships and struggles over time we as Indigenous people and our culture is thriving more and more on a daily basis. We are a people with a long past and a very prosperous future.