Join us on a journey of culture, history and nature. Taste the food, hear the stories, and follow the path of our ancestors.


Who We Are

“We wanted to bring people from around the world on the ancestral paths our people walked, have them taste the food we ate, sing the songs we sang, hear the stories that were passed down orally from generations ago, and travel down the rivers we canoed.”

Canoe Tours

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Tour the traditional waters of the Secwepemcuu'l'ecw (Shuswap Nation). Learn the history from a local Knowledge Keeper who will tell you the stories to the sound of their paddle gently guiding you down the South Thompson River. Take in the eagles and hawks soaring, see mountains and historical sites from the view of the path our ancestors have travelled for generations.


The stories of our people is woven together by history, legends, water, and the land. To understand our stories you must understand the journeys we have taken and how it shaped our culture and are passed from generation to generation. The interior of British Columbia is beautiful, rugged, and for our people… spiritual. We share our stories with pride, laughter, and sometimes with tears but most importantly we share with hope. Each story we tell is one that points to a brighter tomorrow for the Aboriginal nations of British Columbia by educating our people, our neighbours, and visitors from around the world.

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