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Moccasin Trails Consulting

“Le7 re Séwllkwe”

[say: La-Sell-Qwa] meaning“Good Water”

Moccasin Trails Consulting is Indigenous-owned and deeply rooted in our Indigenous values, cultures, teachings, and beliefs. We have been immersed in our cultures and traditional practices since growing up in our Indigenous communities. Understanding the opportunities and challenges for any Indigenous community -urban or rural -Moccasin Trails Consulting works to support economic development -specifically in Indigenous tourism, partnership building between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations, inspiring keynote presentations, skills development, training, and more.


We have walked both roads and experienced both worlds and are now looking forward to sharing our traditional knowledge and professional expertise with you.

“Le7 re Séwllkwe”[say: La-Sell-Qwa] meaning“Good Water”


The name was given to Moccasin Trails by an Elder when the company was launched in2018.

“Water never stops; always moving forward.” The name also refers to carrying on our traditions, values and teachings -doing good things for our people, Elders, youth, clients, guests and most importantly for our future generations.

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